Farewell Comrades! – Awakening (Episode 4)

The fourth episode revolves around the year 1988, which is marked by an atmosphere of awakening. Glasnost and Perestroika unfold their impact, but the political situation worsens nonetheless. Especially in the satellite nations discontent with the Soviet centre is growing and the ethnical conflicts increase.


December 1991: Mikhail Gorbachev, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, calls the main Western heads of state. Shortly after, in a televised speech, Mikhail Gorbachev announces: “I quit my duties as President of the USSR.” He ends 80 years of history. It is an unexpected outcome to the grand communist vision that had held the world in anticipation since the October Revolution in 1917. 4. Episode: Awakening (1988) Glasnost and Perestroika start to unfold their impact: Everywhere in the Soviet Union newspapers and magazines are founded and a new wind of openness is palpable. At the same time economic problems increase and in some provinces the first ethnic conflicts become visible. The discontentment is growing in the Satellite States, especially in the countries that decide not to follow Gorbachev’s reforms.

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Director: Andrei Nekrasov
Script: Jean-François Colosimo, Andrei Nekrasov, György Dalos
Executive producers: Christian Beetz, Olivier Mille
Supervising producer: Georg Tschurtschenthaler
Associate Producer: Dominique Treilhou
Editor episode 4: Anne Lacour, Philipp Gromov, Lena Rem
Directors of photography: Sorin Dragoi, Andrei Erastov, Roman Ielensky
Colorist: Tom Chr. Lillevedt
Sound mix: Stéphane Larrat
Original score: Nils Kacirek & Jan-Peter Pflug
Main title music by: Andrei Nekrasov
Sound editing episode 4: Bastian Gerner, Florian Holzner
Graphics episode 4: Conni Robe, Pierre-Jean Canac
Archive coordinator: Cécile Croizat
Archive researchists: Antje Boehmert, Karin Fritzsche, Sarah Dabaghy
Assistant directors: Vetta Kirillova, Ekaterina Panova
Line producers: Kathrin Isberner, Victoire Buff
Production supervisor main shoot: Christian Popp
Post-production manager: Benjamin Landsberger-Isaac
Post-production assistants: Jochen Kraft, Eva-Maria Weerts
Business affairs: Aurélie Mattlé
Technical director: Philipp Weigold
Production assistants: Nick Pastucha, Galina Stepanova, Anna Bolster
Production administrators: Daniela Schöne, Laura Cavaciutti, Claude Roy
Online editing: Henry-Pierre Rosamond
Assistant editors: François-Joseph Botbol, Alican Elcin, Robin Gaussé, Bernd Laatzel, Agnetha Lang, Bernd Lützeler, Christian Nowak, Giulia Rolino, Nathalie Vignères, Claire Le Villain
Assistant colorist: Christopher Berge Hove
IT technicians: Odd Brandtzægg, Fawaz Khatib
Interns: Tanja Bogasch, Alessandra Bogi, Judith Fächner, Anastasiya Kozlova, Marine Le Gouvello, Lisa Mayerhöfer

Team Germany
Additional camera: Maik Behres, István Imreh, Martin Langner, Ines Thomsen, Peter Badel, Peter Wuchterl, Jan Zabeil
Sound: Marc Hammerl, Uve Haussig, Susy Wehrly, Manuel Zimmer, Karsten Höfer, Thomas Funk
Research: Grit Lemke, Conny Klauss


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